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The Story of Barefoot

Barefoot is a state of mind.

It is simple, pure and adventurous.

To be barefoot is to feel life's pain and joy more intensely because there is nothing to guard the soul from the road.

I have been influenced by many barefoot people.

But it was my encounter with one man in July 1997 that gave me the courage to step out of my shoes and into who I am - barefoot.


Rich Mullins

The last time I saw singer/songwriter Rich Mullins he was barefoot.

That didn't surprise me because he was always barefoot. Oh, how I admired him. I loved his barefoot look.

To me it represented a lifestyle that I longed for—unselfish, unencumbered and uncompromising.

His feet were swollen, callused and rough from his life journey, but his face glowed with laughter and his smile brought healing. I didn't realize it then, but that would be the last time I'd see those feet in this life. Rich died in a car accident on September 23, 1997.

After his memorial service, I went outside, kicked off my sandals, screamed towards the sky and Barefoot Publishing Co. was born.





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