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Turkish Humor


By Karen Strawn

Cappadocia, Turkey 2002

In the Biblical region of Cappadocia, Turkey early Christians built underground cities to hide from Roman persecution and painted murals depicting their plight on the walls and ceilings of cave churches carved out of bizarre rock formations.

I marveled at God's handiwork in the unusual cone-shaped land forms known as "fairy chimneys” that dot the region of the ancient land so mystical it was used as the setting of the original 1940 Flash Gordon series.

I was told these landforms were made as a result of volcanic ash millions of years ago when a nearby volcano exploded in the Neolothic ages, but they looked like God's design for a man's penis to me.

I smiled to myself as I imagined the first days of creation resulting in a volcanic ash and lava model of a man's penis. I blushed with silent embarrassment at my thoughts wondering if I was the only one who saw this.

Then I noticed a Turkish vendor sitting underneath a shaded fruit stand near the edge of a panoramic view site. His sign read: "Ali Baba's Viagra Market."


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