The Seven Churches of The Revelation

"Stories in the Stones"

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Jets and Cartwheels

A Wonder Women Day Trip

On a Rooftop In Morocco

High Spirits Haunted Tour
of Houston

Internet Romance



Bruce Springsteen
Ozzy Ozbourne
Lenny Kravitz
Roy Clark
Marilyn Manson
Amy Grant



She's Come Undone
The Hand I Fan With
Only Twice I've Wished For Heaven

Welcome to a website featuring the writings of author and teacher Karen Strawn.

It's a whole new world.


"Sometimes I wonder if the decision to move to this expensive, fast-paced culture where spirits are shaped like Pokemon characters, school girls wear knee socks & ice cubes are in the urinals, was best?"

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Turkish Humor

"Explore secrets of the ancient Biblical region of Cappadocia, Turkey and uncover the truth about those bizzare land formations..."
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Ataturk Coffee Cup

Sipping Short Stories

- Mustapha Kemal Ataturk 1881-1938

Discover why Turkey's charismatic founder and military conqueror is like America's JFK and Martin Luther King.

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Read stories of Middle Eastern adventure, unexpected romance and daily life in a country poised for greatness.

Turkey Journals:


Everyday Is Saturday

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Telephone Blues

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Life at the End of the Rainbow

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